Friday, October 31, 2008

Hartville Pet Health Insurance

Hartville is a pet insurance company in USA. It was established in 1997. Their brands are Hartville Pet Insurance, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance & Petshealth Care Plan.

Hartville covers the following:

* Accident Only Plan (Basic Accident Coverage): It is their most basic and least expensive plan. One great thing about this plan is that all dogs and cats are eligible, regardless of age, breed, or health conditions.

* Essential Plan: (Accident & Illness Coverage): It will give the coverage both for accidents and illnesses. A pet owner get help paying the bills if his/her pet needs prescription medications, diagnostic procedures, lab tests, x-rays, surgery, hospitalization, or dental services associated with an illness or injury.

* Classic Plan: (Accident, Illness, & Wellness Care) Like the Essential Plan, the Classic Plan covers accidents and illnesses, plus essential routine preventive or “wellness” care.

* Champion Plan: (Accident, Illness, & Deluxe Wellness Care) With the Champion Plan, you get the same coverage as the Classic Plan, but with deluxe wellness care.

* Elite Plan: (Help for Long-term Care) Their last plan includes the same coverage as the Classic Plan, but also helps you pay for treatments for chronic or long-term conditions that appear in the previous plan year.

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Address: 3840 Greentree Avenue SW
Canton, OH 44706
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